Maya Tutorials

Free Tutorials using Autodesk Maya, ranging from general usage to specific tasks in Maya.


Photoshop Tutorials

Tips and techniques on using Photoshop for use on 3D models.



List of tools that I have found useful over the years. Most are free, some limited free use, and others paid.



Articles, Shorts, and resource sites for 3D work.


Resource | Vertex 3D Resource Book

Free | E book by Vertex I can’t believe these books are free. They contain so much information from such talented and successful people you can’t help but be drawn into every page and every caption. A short snippit from their website about the book: This eBook covers everything from Sculpting, Color Theory, and Texturing […]

Tools | VLC Player

Free | VLC Player VLC is a desktop media player. It supports pretty much every kind of video format you can through at it. All needed codecs are already bundled with this application. This application also allows for streaming of video which is nice as it allows for you to pause, play, and skip without […]

Maya Tutorial | User Interface and Hotbox ...

In this Tutorial I cover a basic introduction to the Autodesk Maya Interface and Hotbox overlay.   

Tools | Anti-Twin

Free | Anti-Twin Anti-Twin is a great tool that allows you to find duplicate images on your computer. It compares images with a customizable level of accuracy. This allows you to find duplicate images even if they are slightly different, such as quality differences between two images. The search compares images from either the same or separate folders and […]

Animated Short | Kiwi!

Kiwi is an amazing animation that hits you right in the emotions. With its simplistic rendering and upbeat sound track it makes you engaged and attentive to every action. This draws you into the animation before you realize what’s happening… and makes you feel it all the more at the end. More Information Creators Website

Tools | FileMenu Tools

  Free | FileMenu Tools FileMenu Tools is a context menu based plugin for Windows. It allows quick access to  several handy features such as “copy to”, “Pack to Folder”, “Unpack Folder”, and the “Advance Renamer”. When dealing with animation and the hundreds or even thousands of images that are involved with that, this tool […]

Maya Tutorial | Creating a Toon Eye

In this tutorial I cover how to set up a scene for a fully deformable cartoon eye. This set up allows for blinking, iris dilation, and complete shape transformation via control handles. It’s a bit of a set up but the end result can be imported into any scene. By importing, Maya will automatically rename […]

Maya Tutorial | Connect Camera to motion p...

In this video I show how to connect a cameras attributes to a motion path, while freeing up the aim constraint to be able to control the aim while the camera itself is still moving along the motion path.