What do I offer?

I provide simple, affordable, and visually appealing websites.

HTML coding
CSS Coding
JavaScript coding
Photo Manipulation / Touchup
Graphic Design

What this means:
•I can create any number of individual web pages for you depending on your needs.

•I can create a stylesheet, which will make all your pages look clean and uniform.

•I can create intricate menu systems or visual elements.

•I can take photographs you have and edit them for the web OR edit your photographs to make them look better.

•I can make custom graphics for your site, such as logo re-vamps, web page elements like unique looking backgrounds, bars, tables, or other design elements.

•I can create custom photo galleries for whatever needs you might have.

And best of all I can make a mock up of your your website in Photoshop to give you an idea of what your site will look like BEFORE it is made. This allows you give your input before any major work is done, allowing lower costs to you!

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