Working in a 3D digital animation lab for years has given me some insight. I have watched students struggle and excel. Sometimes due to pure talent, others were better at finding helpful tutorials. Keeping that in mind I have created this website to help anyone who is interested in 3D design. I have broken the site up into four main categories.

In the First section, Autodesk Maya tutorials. Here you can access all the tutorials I have created, ranging from beginner introductions, to complex scene design. All of which are free to watch and use.

The second section focus on Adobe Photoshop. Here you will find tutorials related to using Photoshop to create textures for your 3D models. Again tutorials are ranged from beginner to advanced users.

Third is a list of common tools I use on a daily basis. I talk about what each tool does, why it is useful, and where you can get it. Most of the tools I use are free, some are paid.

Lastly, Resources. One of the hardest things to find are good resources. In this section I will continue to update this section as I find more relevant articles, animated shorts, and new websites that are useful.

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-Tohny Johnson

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